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Employee Welfare

Pension Insurance

National Pension (4 Major SISs)

Employment Insurance(4 Major SISs)

Workers’ Compensation Insurance(4 Major SISs)

Health Insurance (4 Major SISs)

Retirement Pension

Office Environment

Shower Facilities

Meeting Room(Fit for Presentations)

Wireless Internet

Operating an in-house cafe (providing ground coffee)

Vending machine (employee price)


Company Cafeteria(Staff Cafeteria)

Transportation /

Covers Car-Related Expenses(gas)

Parking Space

Financial Supports /

Supports for Major Family Events

Supports Phone Bills

Holidays / Vacations

Annual Leave, Half-Days

Family Leave

Labor Day Off

Medical Examinations

Regular Medical Examination

All Employees :Biennial General Medical Checkup + Comprehensive Blood Test

Part of On-Site Staffs :Special Medical Checkup

Executives :Comprehensive Medical Checkup

Birth/Parenting Support

Birth/Parenting Support System

Observes Related NationalPolicy - Medical Leave, ShortenedWorking Hours During Pregnancy,Paid Parental Leave, etc.

Giving birth gifts

Discounts at NIKE Employees’ Shop

40% discounts at NIKEEmployees’ Shop in Haeundae

In-House Club

YOUYOUNG FC (Soccer Club)

Special Welfare System

birthday gift payment

birthday early work

payment of wedding gifts

long-term employee reward